Work blog post – Container objects in UFT

5 11 2015

As both my regular readers have probably noticed (hi Mum! [who am I kidding, even my mother doesn’t read this]) the frequency of my posts have gone down from about once a month in the beginning to closer to twice a year. This is a combination of not having anything interesting to say and life not leaving me with much time to say uninteresting stuff.

Well at work they have funny standards to what can be considered interesting and one such subject is adding container test objects to web tests in UFT.

image from the post

It even has images!

This feature was actually implemented in UFT 12.02 (released last year) but there wasn’t enough time to sufficiently QA it and therefore the feature was undocumented and only used by a few beta customers. Starting with UFT 12.50 it’s finally an official, documented feature which is the first step to benefiting our customers. Step two is to have someone actually use it which is were the blog post comes in…


Regexs in UFT

10 09 2013

Last month I talked about a blog post I wrote for work. I didn’t mention that there was some stuff that was dropped during editing. Some of the discarded material was salvaged and expanded into a new post regarding the use of regular expressions in UFT.

It’s still not really relevant for the general public but at least I got to have some fun, I even created my first meme. Look out 2007, here I come!

Yo Dawg, I hear you like properties....

Blogging for Pleasure and Profit

14 08 2013

The blog you’re currently reading is written as a hobby with no financial gain in mind. Happily my employer sometimes encourages me to take some time off my usual work and write a blog post (which indirectly means I get paid to blog).

Never one to miss an opportunity to goof off work I’m happy to present Understanding the web test object model in HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT).

Only click the above link if you’re interested in UFT or are stalking me, anyone else will probably find it very dull.