Give me some credit!

23 10 2011

I’ve been trying to keep to a minimum of one post a month but am a bit short of ideas. In my desperation I’ll take some liberties with the mandate of this blog and talk about something pertaining to payment (even though my previous post regarding financial issues wasn’t such a big hit.)

This must have been around 15 years ago, before I had an international credit card, I wanted to pay for some small purchase with my credit card when the cashier asked to see a photo ID (this is unusual in this neck of the woods.)  I pulled out my ID and she said “The credit card says Motti Lanzkron but the ID says Mordechai Lanzkron.”  I told her, what every native Israeli knows, (she was an immigrant) that Motti is short for Mordechai just as Bill is short for William, this took some convincing but she conceded the point. She then looked at the back of the credit card “this isn’t signed, you need to sign the back.”  I told her it was signed although a bit faded but she insisted so I re-signed the back (thinking inwardly how pointless this was.)

At this point the cashier looked at the back of the credit card and at the signed receipt and said “the signatures aren’t the same.” I was sure she was joking but that was not the case. After pointing out that she had just witnessed me pen both signatures I finally managed to finalize the transaction.