For better mileage…

5 11 2013

In the early nineties I had a hobby, I would buy blank T-shirts and paint on them. I never had any art training (or talent) but since it was my work I was pretty fond of these shirts.

At first they were day to day shirts but they faded and stretched so I started wearing them when hiking and eventually as pyjamas.

Sadly now, twenty years after being created, these shirts are no longer even fit to be pyjamas. In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have bought the cheapest shirts available. Still, I don’t have the heart to throw them out. Perhaps by blogging about them  I will feel as if their spirit lives on and I’ll be able to let them go (into the dumpster…)

So without further ado, here’s shirt #1 For better mileage…


The front of the shirt features a person I think of as either Abraham or an archetypal Bedouin he’s walking by a sign that says “Really far awayand there’s a caption underneath him saying (can you guess it?) For better mileage…


On the back of the shirt you can see the same guy ridding The new (this is in very faded orange) Sheik 2000™ Stretch Camel.

As I said this was created in the early nineties when the year 2000 was still the stuff of science fiction. The sign now says “Pretty close now” and you can tell that the three-humped camel is the latest in luxury, it even has two antennae (was I thinking of mobile phones back then? I don’t remember).

Well that’s the first in my shirt series, expect some more (not too many) when I run out of actual things to say.