Punishments are a Poor Parenting Practice

6 02 2014

They say that you shouldn’t threaten children with punishments, it’s more empowering for children to have the consequences of their actions explained to them.

Say for example that you put your child’s clothes on the radiator so they’re warm and cozy when he gets up.

Now if the child finds it hard to get up in the morning you can tell him:

The radiator has gone off, you should get dressed quickly before your clothes cool down.

And that’s considered good parenting.

If on the other hand, he stays in bed till well after the clothes have reached room temperature and you say:

If you don’t get a bloody move on and get dressed right now I’ll put your clothes in the freezer!

Well in that case, some people may claim, you’re doing things sub-optimally.




One response

6 02 2014
Keeping Up With The Holsbys

Oh man, I’m sub-sub-optimal I’m afraid!!

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