Time capsule for 2112

12 12 2012

On 12/12/1912 Abraham Alfons Lanzkron sent his 9 year old son Lazarus a postcard.

Front of the postcard from 1912

Front of Postkarte

Back of postcard from 1912

Back of Postkarte

One hundred years later, Lazarus’s son Abraham (AKA Romy) Lanzkron emailed the scanned postcard (or postkarte it you prefer) to his son (that’s me).

In a hundred years my children will be over a century old and my grandchildren will probably be grandparents (if the next mass extinction event doesn’t get them first) so I’m depending on you – my future great-grandchild – to do the correct thing on 12/12/2112.

I don’t know what the preferred method of communication will be in the 22nd century but I’m pretty sure it won’t be Facebook (look it up if you don’t know what Facebook is). Hopefully the internet will survive in some way or form and this message will reach its mark.

Good luck from 2012, your ancestor.

For those of us who don’t speak German here’s a translation, thanks Oskar.

A postal –curiosity

For   the

Oh people look at this card

And read on this place

The 12- 12 has arrived today

One could call it a Postal – Curiosity

Because a 100 years is a long time

And no one will live so long

But take this card with you

Because it will be desired by all

Copyright Ernst Katzenstein, Hamburg 36.Caffamacherreihe29



Lassar Lanzkron

Here (Hamburg)

Rutschbahn 26/2

Full disclosure: This post pre-dated a couple of days to appear to have been posted on 12/12/12.




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