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27 10 2012

Today is the third anniversary of my first blog post. I must admit I’m a bit surprised that I managed to last so long. Not letting the lack of anything to say get in my way was a big help (case in point, this post).

I also see that I managed to pass the one or two posts goal I set myself, if fact according to WordPress I’ve reached a very significant number of posts. In honour of this occasion I would like to tell you a little story.

Back when my first born was almost four I was searching the internet for a colour-in picture of a horse for him (this was his horsey stage). He suddenly recognized an alef (א) which is the first letter in his name. So I opened up vi notepad and let him type in a few alefs. I then remembered that he’s picking up the numbers too and asked him which numbers he knows, well the digit he knows best for some reason is four so he typed that in. I then I asked him what else looks familiar and he typed in a two too.

The first number my son ever typed was 42 !!

The inner geek in me was soooo proud.




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3 11 2012
Ofek Shilon

r.e.s.p.e.c.t !

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