Picking sides

22 05 2012

Say you walk into a conference room.
Conference room

Where do you sit?

It’s as Multivac said:


Well, here’s some more data, you’re expected to hook up to the projector during the meeting.

The other day I was presenting some data when I realised I had sat on the wrong side. What difference does it make I hear you think. Well when presenting I tend to use the Extend option in presentation mode (⊞ WinP).

Connect to projector menu

I do this so I can browse reddit look up important information on my monitor without sharing this with the rest of the room.

By default when you extend the display across two monitors the second monitor goes to the right of the primary monitor. This is because the (0,0) coordinates as used by the computer (the datum) are at the top left corner of the primary monitor. If you add the monitor to the right – all the coordinates on the secondary display are positive

If on the other hand you place the projector to the left of the primary monitor we get negative coordinates (which may confuse some (badly coded) applications).

So in order to get the cursor from the laptop monitor to the projector you have to move the mouse to the right. If you’re sitting on the left side of the table the screen is to your left and intuitively you move the mouse to the left to reach it, just to run into the end of the display area. Every time you move from one display to the other you have to fight your intuition (or more likely try and fail before you realise you have to move to the other side).

Conclusion: If you’re going to be presenting in extended monitor mode, prefer to sit on the right side of the table.




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