The worst acronym ever: SCARY iterators

16 09 2011

A couple of years ago there was a question in stackoverflow about the “Best IT/Programming/Technology related Acronym” (this question has since been deleted, if you have enough stackoverflow reputation you can see it here). Tongue in cheek  I suggested I18N:

* I18N - "Internationalization" (I followed by 18 letters followed by an N) * L10N - "Localization" (L followed by 10 letter followed by an N) * Z-1A - "A" (Z followed by -1 letter followed by an A)

Yesterday I discovered the worst acronym when reading about what’s new in VC11, apparently Visual C++ now supports SCARY iterators. The link explaining SCARY iterators had this to say:

N2911 explains that the acronym SCARY “describes assignments and initializations that are Seemingly erroneous (Constrained by conflicting generic parameters), but Actually work with the Right implementation (unconstrained bY the conflict due to minimized dependencies).”

On the reddit  thread feembly said the reason was probably because “SECBCGPBAWWTRIUBTCDTMD just didn’t have the same ring” which I took as proof that he isn’t Welsh. If I remember correctly my grandmother is from a small town near Secbcgpbawwtriubtcdtmd.




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