The day the version died

15 11 2010

Chrome users, quick without looking, what version of chrome are you using?

Chrome version

I personally didn’t notice when my copy of Chrome upgraded itself to version 7. Now a browser’s major version is a big deal, nobody could miss moving from IE8 to IE9 and Firefox likes to inform you of every minor version update but Chrome has been breezing through major versions with reckless abandon. Looking at the changes added for Chrome7 leaves me unimpressed.

  • Hundreds of bug fixes
  • An updated HTML5 parser
  • File API
  • Directory upload via input tag

Now I’m not trying to diss Chrome, it’s a great browser (although I’m still sticking to Firefox) and there’s no denying that it’s a very impressive achievement but you have to get the feeling that Google doesn’t think of versions in the traditional way.

It’s not surprising that this is the case, Google is a web based company, its bread and butter is updating stuff on the fly. You don’t know what version of the Gmail you’re using (not to mention the Google search page) so why should you care what version your browser is? Don’t bother your pretty little head on picking which version of the browser you want, Big Brother will take care of these technicalities.

I realize I come across as very anti Google but I actually mean it, why should I care what version of any app I’m using? I don’t think my copy of Word will upgrade itself any time soon (for one thing it doesn’t fit the financial model) but I won’t be surprised if in the future the version of the applications we use will be much less significant than it is now.




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