A Random Die

6 09 2010

A while ago I told of the first board game my son created, which he played using the die he had previously made (I was a bit disappointed with him for not having opposite sides of the die add up to seven but managed to hide it admirably).

Home-made die

I then asked him if the die was fair.

How can I know if it’s fair?

Toss it a lot of times and see if all the numbers come up approximately the same number of times.

He made a table and started tossing the die. The geek dad in me was highly amused by the picture of a 5½ year old (and his 7 year old cousin) tossing dice and keeping track of the results. I was especially tickled by the fact that whenever a one came out he would put down one line next to the digit 1, and when a six came out he put six lines next to the digit 6 (this was fine as long as his table had cells for each throw but when he run out of columns it was pretty difficult to estimate by sight just how random the die really was).

Tune in on his seventh birthday when I teach him how to run a χ2 test.




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